January 29, 2023
So, You Want to Build a Home Gym

So, You Want to Build a Home Gym

After a long work day, I was excited to walk into the commercial gym and begin my workout. After warming up, I moved to the squat rack in preparation for my resistance training session. Unfortunately, I ran into some difficulties. I had planned to start with Back Squats, but there was a young man on the power rack doing barbell biceps curls in horrible form. This was a no-no! .

I went to Plan B to rearrange my exercise routine, only to discover that all the flat benches were also occupied. The trend continued, and I found that the equipment I wanted was being used everywhere I went. While I was pleased to see so many people working out, I was also frustrated at how my carefully planned workouts were being ruined. It is wise to have a backup plan for situations like these, so I headed home to revert back to Plan C which was my home workout routine.

For people with hectic schedules, those who don’t like the crowds at gyms or people who need to have a plan in case of an emergency (that’s me!) I find that exercising at home is a great option. A home gym can also be a great option because it is warmer and less likely that you will go to your commercial gym.

I have assisted people in designing expensive and well-equipped home gyms. I have also helped others to design cost-effective, small-sized workout areas. My home gym consists of a stability ball, 5lb to 95lb dumbbells, some Kettlebells and an adjustable weighted vest, Adjustable DB handles, Elastic bands, 2kg to10kg medicine balls, ankle weights, an AB roller, a variety exercise videos, and very little space.

A Home Gym is something that anyone can own and many reasons why you should. These questions will help you create a Home Gym that suits your space and budget.

Questions to Ask when Building Your Home Gym

The first step: Ask yourself Why?

Why would you want a home-based gym? What benefits will it provide that you don’t already have? What vision do you have of your ideal body or athletic achievement? What are your short- and long-term goals? As this will help you to focus your efforts, it is important to have a clear vision of the final results. You must have a clear vision of the end result you are trying to achieve. You need to create a plan of action for building your body, and your home gym.

You might be disappointed by the results or frustrated with your purchase of the wrong equipment if you don’t have a plan. What kind of results do you expect your home gym will deliver? Your home gym will supplement your commercial gym membership as a contingency plan. Are you going to be exercising outside or indoors on a treadmill? Do you plan to do strength training, stretching, or both? Do you want your home gym to be the only place where you exercise? These are the things to consider when you design your home gym.

What are your budget ($$$$$$$)??

What amount do you want to spend? You might start small with simple but effective dumbbells if you’re just getting started with an exercise program. A pair of dumbbells and some exercises for bodyweight can be used to do a complete-body workout. You can save money by hiring a professional fitness trainer to create a customized exercise program you can do at home with dumbbells. Here are some items you might want to add to your home gym.

Equipment considerations:

Cardiovascular Machine

You should expect to spend some money if you want to do your cardio exercise at home. You will need to spend money on a treadmill, stationary bike or rowing ergometer. If you are looking for cardio equipment for your home, this is the best option. You might think, “I’ll save a few hundred bucks and buy a treadmill at the mall,” but it is important to do your research so you can ensure you buy something that will last and will suit our needs. Many people have regretted buying flimsy treadmills. You don’t have to be a shopper to find quality treadmills. Bob McKinnon, McKinnon Technical Services (603-644-7539) is a friend who knows a lot about gym equipment. If you need help, he can direct you in the right direction!

A Multi-Purpose Home Gym Machine

There are many multi-purpose gyms available on the market, and not all are equal. There’s a good chance that you will see clever marketing featuring beautifully designed fitness models promising results within six weeks if your machine is purchased. You are correct. It’s possible to get results even without spending two thousand dollars on a machine that will likely sit in the dust for a year. Start your journey to better fitness by investing in a couple of dumbbells. A $20 book about how to get in shape is available. What about meeting with a Registered Dietician or fitness professional who can help you make positive changes in your body? Infomercials are known for their clever marketing and can be quite compelling. Do your research before you make an impulse purchase. Before you buy a multi-gym, consult a qualified personal trainer to determine its usefulness, talk with others who own it, and test drive one. It is a common sight to see multi-gyms on someone’s lawn every spring and fall as part of an annual yard sale. It makes me wonder what the reason is.


If I had the space in my apartment, I’d go out to buy a Barbell right now! A 45 lb. Olympic Barbell can be used for a variety exercises and in many different ways. If you’re an athlete with the right space and want to improve your sport performance, learning how the Olympic Weightlifting movements are performed (Clean, Jerk, Snatch and all variations) will help you take your game to the next level. You can do exercises like Squats and Overhead Squats as well as Deadlifts, Deadlifts and Bent over Rows. To increase the versatility of your barbell, I recommend an adjustable power rack and adjustable bench. When purchasing a barbell, space and cost are important factors.


Dumbbells can be a great way to save space and money. Two to three sets of dumbbells might be worth your consideration. They can be bought at a sporting goods shop for anywhere from $.35 to $0.75 per pound. (In Concord, NH: Visit Olympia Sports in the Mall. Target, Sears and Walmart are all nearby. Or, you could also check the newspaper for the cheapest way to go. Although I prefer the steel dumbbells, rubber-coated and adjustable dumbbells are also available. Power Blocks, (do a Google search to find out more) are adjustable dumbbells that are great for any home gym. They are lightweight, portable, versatile, and can be adjusted to your specific needs. Other types of adjustable dumbbells include collars, two handles and a series of weight plates of different sizes.

It is a good idea to start with lighter dumbbells and then purchase heavier dumbbells as your needs change. Dumbbells allow me to do a wide range of exercises. A properly Best running pre-workout designed resistance program with multi-joint Dumbbell exercise will help you lose fat more effectively than any gym that only targets certain muscle groups. The more muscle groups you include, the more energy you will burn and the better your results. Although exercise technique is important, I will happily tell you that I have taught both 11-year old boys and 90-year-old ladies how to do the most difficult dumbbell exercises in pristine form.

Medicine Balls

The best medicine balls for you depends on your goals and current training level. Medicine balls are great for athletes looking to improve their performance. They can be moved quickly through many planes of motion. A Medicine Ball can also be used for traditional gym exercises, if general fitness is your goal. There are many options for medicine balls. They come in all sizes and weights. Make sure the ball you choose suits your needs. These are great for outdoor exercise on sunny days!

Benches and stability balls:

A bench is a great tool to help you perform more exercises in your home gym. Some benches can be adjusted and have great versatility, while others can only be used as fixed benches. Many people are concerned about space, so the Stability Ball (a.k.a. The Swiss Ball is a great option to a bench. A Stability Ball can be used to perform a variety of lower-body exercises, including supine, prone, inclined, supine, and floor. You can learn how to do a complete-body workout using a Stability Ball with a pair dumbbells from a qualified fitness professional. It can be used in many different ways to help you maximize your home workouts. It can be used to replace expensive benches or exercise machines, and it can double as a chair.

Resistance Bands/Tubes

Your local gym has a variety of exercises that you can use to increase your workouts’ variety. Alternatives to the cable pulley system at your gym include resistance bands or tubing you can attach to a basement pillar or fix in a closed-door. Tubing can be purchased with handles pre-attached in fitness catalogs, or you can tie a loop at one end to create your own handle. Elastic resistance training is a great option, but it also has its flaws. You can maximize your results if you know how to combine elastic resistance training and inertial weight training. An expert can help you plan your home gym so that you take full advantage of these tools.

Exercise Videos:

There are many excellent exercise videos, as well as some that are not so great. You can find videos for Yoga, Step Aerobics and Tae-Bo as well as Stability Ball Training and Strength Training. For a wide selection of exercise videos, visit your Borders or local sporting goods shop. Find a few videos that you like and give you the type of workout you want.

Additional Fun Tools

You will find a wide range of toys in sporting goods stores and fitness equipment catalogs that claim to enhance your workouts or deliver amazing results. Be careful! You can’t have everything. It is impossible to solve all your home gym problems with one piece of equipment. Make sure you consider how each piece will fit in your overall program. Be wary of miracle machines and gimmicks. You can save money by asking a professional to give their opinion before buying. You don’t want to buy an expensive coat rack if you do not research the equipment before buying it.


Simply put, how much space are you able to use? Is there enough space for an adjustable bench? Is it well ventilated? What is the ceiling height? Are your floors sturdy? Are there neighbors who don’t like you jumping up and falling? Are you able to store all the equipment you need? These issues can be addressed in advance to save time and hassle down the line. Finally, consider what other uses your home gym might be. Your home gym could be used as a place to host family gatherings, playrooms for the children, an office, or simply for training. These are just a few of the other considerations to make when designing your home gym.

III. III. Do you know how to navigate the gym?

Is your goal to be a beginner, intermediate, expert, or advanced exerciser? An exercise tape, a Stability Ball and a few dumbbells of 5 pound might be enough for a beginner. A more experienced exerciser might have an Olympic Bench, Stability Ball, a Stability Ball, an Adjustable step, a Selectorized weight machine, a Power Rack and a variety Dumbbells. Are you more comfortable with a machine than free weights? Have you had proper training? What type of equipment do you need? These questions will help you choose the right home gym for you.

As a final note, it is important to take the time to research and plan for your home gym. It can be an essential addition to your lifestyle and your home. Consult an exercise professional to ensure that your gym meets your needs and is within your budget. A home gym can have many benefits and be tailored to your needs to achieve the results you desire.