May 20, 2022

Welsh Food Festivals: Fulfill your satiety

Wales is known for its delicious food. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the country’s various food festivals. Both locals and tourists are attracted to the delicious celebrations featuring the best dishes.

Wales is known for its rich history and culture, as well as delicious food. You can enjoy your Wales vacation with your friends and family by joining one of these food festivals.

Really Wild Festival

The festival’s name speaks for itself. The only festival in the United Kingdom to feature products, food, and crafts from the wild is this annual event that takes place every September 4th and 5th at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. You can join in fun-filled activities like ferret racing and pig racing if you spend part of your Wales vacation at this event. You can also expect to be able taste old recipes with exotic ingredients. Really Wild Festival also hosts cooking demonstrations.

Neath Food Fetsival

Every 9th of October, Neath Food Festival takes place. It is held in three locations: Green Street (Neath), West Glamorgan (West Glamorgan) and Neath. This event was first held last year, and thousands attended. Neath Food Fest will feature food stalls at the Victorian market.

Llangollen Food and Drink

Llangollen Food & Drink is held at Abbey Road and Llangollen on the 16th and 17th October. It is a highlight of the Wales Food Festival circuit. Over 100 exhibitors and celebrity chefs are present at the event. The festival isn’t just about food, it also includes beers. This annual event features beers from North Wales breweries and other locations within the country. Here you can also see the famous cider processing.

Mold Food Festival

Mold Food Festival is held every 25th and 26th September on read more info on this link Ruthin Road and Mold. Although it may seem odd to be called Mold Food Festival, it is one of the most popular celebrations in the area. It features produce from nearby towns and areas. Live music is available, as well as cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs from across the country.